Kaymon Farmer


about kaymon farmer

As a youngster, Kaymon experienced life challenges that could’ve sent him down the wrong path. From family members’ decisions to deal drugs to his walk-on journey to earn a football scholarship. Kaymon overcame adversity to achieve great things in his life. During his motivational speeches, he shares what changed his worldview, who embraced him, and what altered his life choices. Incorporating many of the same “Next Level” strategies for change, he not only broke free from his environment but graduated college within three years, broke three football records, and was honored on the Allstate Good Works Team (1 of 23 in the USA). Today, Kaymon owns several successful businesses, has authored 2 books, and is set to release an “Build Apps Without Coding” program. Kaymon’s passion and life’s work are to help students and teachers become the best version of themselves.


Kaymon has had much success as a motivational speaker, businessman, and athlete but he is most proud of his family. He and his wife Edith, live happily in Mount Pleasant, Texas. Kaymon & Edith have been married for 5 years. In 2021, they made a major life change and moved back to where they met in East Texas to spend more time with family and impact the youth.